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About PRO

Your 2014 PRO check list:

To ensure a smooth transition to Missouri S&T for the Fall 2014 semester, here's a good outline to follow. Much of the information referenced can be found in your acceptance packet (the big green folder mailed to all admitted students).

If at any point you feel lost or overwhelmed, relax! Call or email your admissions counselor or contact the New Student Programs office at 573-341-4025, 1-800-266-9035 or, and we'll help you through the process.

After you've registered for PRO, review your confirmation brochure and schedule (sent via email) before your PRO date.

Registering for PRO reserves your place in our freshman class. Priority registration is May 1, 2014 and you may register online 24/7.

When you come to campus for your PRO date, bring a list of questions you may have about Missouri S&T. You'll have the opportunity to meet an academic advisor, register for classes, take your math placement test, get your student ID card, and more.

Placement Tests

Proper math placement helps you develop a successful fall semester schedule. During PRO, you will take S&T's math placement tests to assist in selecting appropriate math courses. The following are some tips that will help you prepare for your math placement test:

    1. Review algebra and trigonometry prior to your PRO session (use your high school algebra and trig text).
    2. Review actual S&T math exams online at
    3. Calculators are not permitted.
    4. Remember these exams are placement tests and are designed to see what you have learned in high school and determine which college courses are appropriate for your skill level.
    5. Placement tests start off easy and progress to more difficult problems.
    6. Your placement scores, high school transcript, college coursework and ACT/SAT test results will be reviewed by a math advisor to determine you course placement.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Don’t let any scholarship deadlines pass you by! December 1, 2013 is Missouri S&T's priority deadline for merit-based scholarships. Admitted students who retake the ACT/SAT or improve their academic standing at their high school prior to December 1 will have their merit-based awards automatically changed. After that date, scholarship awards will be considered on a funds-available basis.

You may review your merit-based scholarship package from Missouri S&T online.

All scholarship opportunities at Missouri S&T are "stackable," meaning that we welcome all outside awards from local scholarships and scholarship opportunities from outside organizations.

DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR FAFSA FORM BY MARCH 1, 2014. To qualify for need-based assistance, work study, etc. students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which may be completed online. Questions? E-mail

Activate Your E-mail with your Username and Password

Activate your university e-mail account and Joe'SS account with the username and password that was sent to the e-mail address you supplied on your Application for Admission or home address. Questions? E-mail

Check your S&T e-mail account after your PRO session for updated information concerning your class schedules, billing information, Opening Week, and move-in information.

MinerCard ID card (campus student ID card)

All new S&T freshmen receive their first Miner Card ID at no charge. To receive your Miner Card on your PRO day bring one of the following forms of documentation with you: a current driver's license or military ID card, or an official Missouri identification card, or U.S. Birth Certificate or Passport. To ensure campus safety, it is against policy for us to issue cards unless one of these forms of identification is presented.

Final Transcripts, AP & IB Scores and Dual Enrollment

Ensure that your high school sends a final transcript with final semester grades to the Admissions Office after your high school graduation date. Missouri S&T cannot request final transcripts for you. If you have completed AP coursework or IB credit, make sure those scores are sent as soon as available after graduation. If you have completed dual-enrollment credit at another institution while in high school, request official transcripts from those institutions be sent directly to Missouri S&T after graduation.

Campus Housing

Please complete the University Residence Hall Application included in your acceptance packet. In early spring, the Residential Life Office will mail Housing Information Packets (Housing Interest Form and Terms and Agreement form). Rooming and roommate assignments are mailed in early summer, or you can view them using your Joe'SS username and password. Questions? Email

Specific information about housing options and meal plans can be found online or you can tour facilities at PRO. You may want to come a day early or stay an extra day to have time to preview Residence Halls and Greek Houses.

If you are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, many organizations are available for you to visit at your PRO session. There is also a postcard included in your acceptance packet to request more information about Greek Life at Missouri S&T. Questions? Email

Health History

Provide medical history immunization forms to Student Health Services by August 1, 2014 by returning the paperwork included in your acceptance packet.


If you're planning to bring a vehicle with you, you'll learn more about parking at PRO. Parking permit sign-up is online, through the parking website, beginning May 1st. Questions? Visit the Parking website.

Fee Statements

Students who attend a PRO session in February through June will receive Fall Semester Fee Statement online in late June. All scholarship and financial aid awards will be applied to your account at this time. Please remember that your bill will come to your Missouri S&T email account-no paper bills will be mailed.

A minimum payment of 1/5th of your unpaid balance is due to the Cashier's Office by July 15, 2014 to ensure that your scheduled classes are reserved. Questions? Email or call 573-341-4195.

Students who attend the August PRO session must pay 1/3 of their unpaid balance by September 15, 2014.

Join us on campus for Opening Week August 17-23, 2014!

Move in Residence Hall and/or Greek House before program begins. The residence halls will open Saturday, August 16 at 9:00 a.m.

Opening Week meal plan begins with Welcome Picnic on Sunday, August 17 and finishes Friday, August 23.

Fall classes begin Monday, August 25, 2014

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