About PRO

Preview, Registration, and Orientation (PRO) is for freshmen new to S&T in the fall semester.  A similar program is offered through our Spring Orientation Day (January 17, 2020) for freshmen new to S&T in the spring semester.

PRO is your opportunity to meet an academic advisor, register for classes, take your math placement test, get your student ID card and more. Registering for PRO secures your spot in our freshman class and indicates to us that you plan to enroll next fall.

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Virtual PRO Day

In accordance with CDC guidelines during this time, PRO Days will now be virtual experiences.  Many components, such as taking math placement exams, academic advising, and reviewing orientation information will be asynchronous (self-paced).  Multiple opportunities for synchronous Q&A sessions will be offered.  Students must still register for a formerly in-person PRO Day date, as access to the virtual experience will be granted by scheduled PRO Day date.  This process not only ensures that students have timely access to academic advisors, but it maintains the integrity of the order in which the students would have attended their in-person dates.

Math Placement Exams

During PRO, you will take the math placement test to assist you in selecting appropriate math courses for your first semester at S&T. To prepare, review algebra and trigonometry prior to your PRO session. Calculators are not permitted. These exams are designed to see what you have learned in high school and determine which college courses are appropriate for your skill level. For tips that will help you prepare for the math placement test, visit our PRO Checklist.

Learn About Campus

You will get the need-to-know facts about Missouri S&T. During the Math Placement exams, we have parent information sessions. Throughout the day, you will learn about academic resources, living and dining option information, student success and professional development information, finanical aid, billing and parking information, student life information, and academic advising and course registration. You will also have the opportunity to take a campus tour.

Course Selection and Advising

You will register for your courses and go home with your schedule in hand. Advising with a faculty member will enable you to select appropriate courses, review academic policies and degree requirements. You and your advisor will also select the Academic Workshop for Opening Week Orientation that best meets your needs.