Virtual PRO Day

In accordance with CDC guidelines during this time, PRO Days will now be virtual experiences.  Many components, such as taking math placement exams, academic advising, and reviewing orientation information will be asynchronous (self-paced).  Multiple opportunities for synchronous Q&A sessions will be offered.  Students must still register for a formerly in-person PRO Day date, as access to the virtual experience will be granted by scheduled PRO Day date.  This process not only ensures that students have timely access to academic advisors, but it maintains the integrity of the order in which the students would have attended their in-person dates.

Dates & Schedules

Preview, Registration and Orientation (PRO) Spring and Fall 2020 Semesters
*All schedules are tentative.  Seats remaining numbers updated once daily at 3:30 pm Central Time.

Spring Orientation Day (for student entering in Spring semester 2020)

  • Friday, January 17

Fall Semester 2020 PRO Sessions

  • Saturday, February 29     (CLOSED - No student seats remaining)
  • Saturday, March 7             (CLOSED - No student seats remaining)
  • Saturday, April 4                (RESCHEDULED)
  • Saturday, April 18             (RESCHEDULED)
  • Saturday, May 2                 (RESCHEDULED)
  • Friday, June 5                      (CLOSED - No student seats remaining)
  • Friday, June 12                   (CLOSED - No student seats remaining)
  • Friday, June 19                   (CLOSED - No student seats remaining)
  • Friday, June 26                   (Contact our office for scheduling)
  • Saturday, July 18
  • Saturday, August 15

Opening Week Activities

  • Sunday, August 16 - Friday, August 21