Virtual PRO Day

In accordance with CDC guidelines during this time, PRO Days will now be virtual experiences.  Many components, such as taking math placement exams, academic advising, and reviewing orientation information will be asynchronous (self-paced).  Multiple opportunities for synchronous Q&A sessions will be offered.  Students must still register for a formerly in-person PRO Day date, as access to the virtual experience will be granted by scheduled PRO Day date.  This process not only ensures that students have timely access to academic advisors, but it maintains the integrity of the order in which the students would have attended their in-person dates.

Frequently Ask Questions

What should I do to prepare for placement tests?

Proper math placement helps you develop a successful fall semester schedule. During PRO you will take the Missouri S&T mathematics placement tests to assist in selecting appropriate math courses. The following are some helpful hints to help you be prepared for the math placement tests:

    1. Review algebra and trigonometry prior to your PRO session (use your high school algebra and trigonometry textbooks)
    2. Calculators are not allowed
    3. These exams are placement tests and are designed to see what you have learned in high school and to determine which college courses are appropriate for your skill level
    4. Placement tests are designed to start off easy and progress to more difficult problems
    5. Your scores will be reviewed by your academic advisor along with your high school transcripts, college coursework and your ACT and/or SAT test results to determine your first-year math class

Philosophy, History, English or Economic majors are not required to take math placement tests.

How should I dress for PRO?

Dress is casual. Activities are held in several different buildings on campus. Come prepared with clothing appropriate for the weather and comfortable walking shoes. In February, March and April, weather can be unpredictable so come prepared for cold and wet conditions. We suggest bringing an umbrella for all sessions and a light jacket or sweater for air conditioned meeting rooms in June and August.

Where do I check-in?

PRO sessions start promptly at 8:30 a.m in Castleman Hall. PRO Leaders and staff will be available to help you check-in between 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Where can I park at the university?

Parking will be available in Lot #11 (10th and State Streets), Lot #22 (on 11th between State Street and Bishop Avenue), and in Visitors Lot #13 (by the Havener Center).

What meals and snacks are provided?

Coffee, juice and muffins/donuts are available during check in, lunch is provided and snacks will be available in the afternoon.

What do I do if I am unable to attend the session I signed up for?

We will be happy to transfer your registration to a later session in which there is space available (August is always an option).

Can I get a refund from the enrollment fees?  

The $300 Enrollment Fee: Orientation includes a non-refundable processing fee of $100.

Cancellations made with at least a 5-business-day notice will receive a refund of $200. Cancellations made within 5-business-days of your PRO Day OR after your PRO Day will receive no refund.

Refunds of the Enrollment Fee: Student Services are processed by the department of Residential Life.

What happens during Opening Week?

Opening Week will prepare you for campus life while you're having fun getting to know people. Opening Week activities will introduce you to new friends, mentor groups, the campus culture and opportunities for future involvement. Opening Week's Activities and Programs focus on the learning and social environment of the campus. You won't want to miss participating in the new student design project during Opening Week. Some students may also participate in varsity sports or band practices. Academic workshops are credit and non-credit courses that build the foundation for a successful career at Missouri S&T. ‌

  • New Student Move-In:  You will move into your student housing on Sunday, August 16, 2020.
  • Miner Values:  A deep look into what drives your new community.
  • Academic Workshops are credit and non-credit courses that build the foundation for a successful career at Missouri S&T.
  • The Missions and Project X:   You will meet in peer mentor groups and participate in campus-wide activities. You will compete in Project X, a radio-controlled vehicle competition during this week. Each group will construct a radio-controlled vehicle from a chassis. At the end of the week each vehicle will compete on a obstacle course. Judging will be based on the teams’ designs, marketing, accounting, documentation, and final presentation. Teams will participate in three missions: Professional Development – Mini Career Fair, The Amazing Miner Race, and #MinersThink; in order to earn “Miner Bucks" to buy supplies for Project X. The missions are designed to introduce you to campus resources, meet new friends, faculty, and staff and start the foundation for personal, social, professional, and academic success. 

Evening Activities include Extreme Rec Night, Game Night, Ice-cream social, Outdoor Movie, Women's Night Out and much more! You won’t want to miss the night life during Opening Week!

Are there additional fees associated with PRO and Opening Week?

You may want to stay overnight before and/or after your PRO session. This will give you more time to familiarize yourself with Missouri S&T and the Rolla community. Hotel and Rolla area information is available at't forget to ask for the Missouri S&T discount!

ACADEMIC WORKSHOPS during Opening Week Orientation:

  • Fees range from $110 to $300 and are included in your fall fee statement (not included in your PRO fee)

Opening Week Orientation Room and Board:

  • Men moving into fraternities will be charged by the individual organization
  • All new students living in the residence halls will be able to move into their rooms on Sunday, August 11*
  • Freshmen not living in the residence halls will be able to eat meals on campus during Opening Week in their mentor groups*
  • Opening Week meal plan begins with Welcome Picnic on Sunday finishes on Friday.*
  • For questions regarding meals and/or housing, contact Residential Life at 573.341.4218

* Additional charges, if any, will be included in the fall fee statement (not included in your PRO fee).

When do I pay for my fall classes and Academic Workshop?

Students attending the February, March, April and June PRO sessions will receive 2019 fall semester fee statements online in mid-July (scholarships and financial aid will be deducted from total fees). A minimum payment of 1/4 of your unpaid balance is due to the Cashier's Office by August 10, 2020.

Students participating in the August PRO Session must pay 1/3 of their unpaid balance by September 10, 2020.