Miner ID Policies

When you arrive to get your Miner ID Card, you will be asked to show a valid (not expired) form of government issued photo identification. Valid forms of photo ID include: military ID, state issued ID, driver's license and passports. Your ID photo must be an original photo taken in the Miner ID Office. We do not accept other photos. To ensure campus safety, it is against policy for us to issue cards unless one of these forms of identification is presented. You should treat your Miner Card with the same care as you would an ATM or credit card. If your ID gets lost or stolen, you will be responsible for replacing it. 

Immediate payment is required upon getting your ID processed. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Check 
  • Student Account
  • Department Charge

You may not get a new ID on behalf of another student, staff, faculty or alumni. Due to security reasons, we process Miner Cards only when the person is present. 

New Faculty or Staff

If you are a new employeevisiting scholar or a post doctoral fellow, you must follow these procedures to obtain your ID

1. Request your department fill out an IOF Form (for department billing) showing your name, employee number, employment status (full or part-time) and billing information (moCode & PeopleSoft account number).

2. Bring the IOF Form to the ID Office at 109 Centennial Hall to have your ID card processed. 

Note: you MUST have the IOF Form with you before your ID card can be processed.

Photo Policy

Everyone who is issued a Miner Card has their photo taken for their card. We do not accept outside photos for your Miner Card. Our photo policy is as follows:

  • Photos must be a front view of the full face that is a representation of the true appearance of the card holder
  • No facial or hand gestures or objects are to be included in the photo
  • Hats, sunglasses and any other clothing items that might obstruct the view of the face may not be worn
  • In accordance with the U.S. Department State passport standards, individuals may only wear a hat or head covering if he/she wears it daily for religious purposes. Individuals full face must be visible and the head covering cannot obscure the hairline or cast shadows on the face.

Lost or Found Miner Cards

Lost or found Miner Cards should be reported promptly to the Miner Card ID Office located in 109 Centennial Hall. Please contact Regina Zeigenbein at 573-341-7045 or email minercard@mst.edu. The liability for meals and other charges to lost cards remains active until the account is deactivated. The fee for replacing a lost or stolen ID is $15. When your new ID is processed, you will have to wait 45 minutes for your card to update in the system. 

Multiple Cards

The Miner Card ID office will only issue one card type to users with multiple roles (student, staff, alumni, dependent, etc.). In the event that a staff member is a student, he/she must decide between a staff or student card type. In the event that a dependent is also an alumni, he/she must decide between a dependent or alumni card type, etc. S&T does not allow for a user to hold multiple active cards.