Miner Card FAQs

What if my Miner Card is lost or stolen?

Contact the Miner Card Office and ask them to suspend your card until you are able to come in for a replacement. The replacement fee is $15.

What if my Miner Card is split or worn out?

If your card is split or worn out, you must get a replacement card. The replacement fee is $15.

I found someone's Miner Card. Where should I take it?

Please report all lost cards to the Miner Card office in 106 Centennial Hall. We will email the owner and have him/her pick it up at our office. 

What if my Miner Card isn’t working?

If you Miner Card is not working, come to the Miner Card Office in 106 Centennial to confirm that it isn’t an issue with the card itself. If it is not an issue with the card, you may contact the service provider for the service you are trying to use it for.

Can you reactivate or re-encode an old card?

No, we cannot reactivate or re-encode any past ID cards.

Can I have multiple cards?

No, only one card may be active at any time.

How do I get access to buildings on campus?

In order to get building access, you must contact the Access Coordinator of that building. Visit the Design and Construction Management site for a list of Access Coordinators and/or for more information on access control.

My card isn't working when I try to swipe for my meal plan. Who do I contact?

Visit Chartwell's in 109 Havener. They can help you activate or reactivate your meal plan. 

The name on my card is incorrect.  How do I get this fixed?

To correct or change your name, visit the Registrar’s Office located in 103 Parker Hall. Once the Registrar's Office has it updated in the system, we can reprint a card. This usually takes 24 hours.

Can I provide a picture for my ID card?

No. The photo on your Miner card must be a current photo taken within the Miner Card Office.

Can I wear a hat in my photo?

No. Your Miner Card serves as an official form of idenitification.  Hats, sunglasses and any other clothing items that might obstruct the view of the face may not be worn. For more details, please read our photo policy

Can I get a copy of the photo on my ID card?

No. At this time, we do not provide a copy of your photo.

I am a staff member, but I am also enrolled in classes. Can I get a student ID?

We cannot issue multiple cards. You will have to make a choice between a staff ID and a student ID. 

Where can I use my card?

For a list of places you can use your card, visit our Miner Card information page. 

Who is eligible for a dependent card?

Spouse or child of a benefit eligible employee is eligible for a dependent card. The child cannot be over the age of 21. Dependent cards are required for children if you intend to use the pool.

What identification is required in order to get a dependent card?

We accept a valid, government issued ID. If the dependent doesn't have a vaild ID, we accept birthcertificates as verification. 

Do I have to be present for my spouse/child to get a dependent card?

Yes. We need information from you in order to issue your spouse and/or child an dependent card as well as verfication that they are your dependents.