Plug into the Green Movement

Plug Into the Green Movement is a project in which past year's "goodie bags" are replaced with a more eco-friendly flash drive. The move to flash drives will eliminate over 120,000 flyers put in goody bags for each of the 1400 new freshmen and transfer students each year. This will provide an interactive environment in which students will learn about campus organizations, departments and the local community and businesses. The format of the flash drive will also allow students to access advertiser's web site's with a simple click making it easier than ever before. The flash drive will not only help minimize paper usage, but also allow easy access to information. 

The Interactive Environment

When the flash drive gets plugged in a user interface will appear to allow access to the information submitted by organizations, departments and the community.  Students have designed an interactive screen from which the users will be able to select the "book" they wish to view.  The books will be divided into 3 key areas: campus organizations & departments, local businesses, and a new student guidebook. When selected, the book will open and allow students to flip through the pages of advertisements. The new format in which the information is organized and being presented is more appealing and exciting for students, and offers a greater variety of advertising formats for groups.