Important Next Steps

See below for additional information on important next steps and action items as you prepare to attend Missouri S&T.

Living on-campus is convenient and enriching — you'll make new friends, gain new perspectives, and learn in a supportive, diverse community. Whether you're living in the residence halls, joining a fraternity or a sorority, or interested in the Christian Campus House, we have a wide variety of university-approved housing options for you to choose from.

Missouri S&T Dining Services has everything you could possibly hope for with a dining experience. We offer several different types of cuisines in our Food Court, located in the Havener Center, as well as many other locations across campus.

To apply for housing and dining as a transfer student, please see more information here

Missouri S&T has a Campus Residency policy. To view details of the policy or to request to be exempted, please view the Request for Housing Exemption form

The Miner Card ID is the official photo identification card of Missouri S&T.  Students who are new to Missouri S&T may submit their first photo via email and your card will be given to you on your A&R Day.  Complete instructions for submitting an ID photograph can be found by clicking the button below.

Miner Card ID Photo


Students who wish to park in an S&T parking lot must request and purchase a parking permit. To submit a request and find out details about the process, please visit the parking website.

Student Health is available to help. They provide non-emergency medical treatment for most illnesses and injuries and serve as an urgent care. As a new student, there are certain requirements that must be met. Be sure you view the requirements and submit necessary forms on the Student Health Portal.

student health

Purchasing a Computer

  • If you are looking to purchase a computer, please consider looking at The S&T Store. Not only do they have educational discounted pricing, but their Dell Latitude series comes with a 4-year complete care warranty, which includes accidental damage – even if the laptop is dropped from a moving vehicle (don’t ask how we know this!). IT Help Desk Techs are certified to repair computers and loaner laptops are provided during repair if needed. The S&T Store has a Student Computer Purchase Plan program which spreads the payments out over 4 semesters, with no accruing interest rate.
  • The S&T Store also offers Apple computers and iPads with accidental warranty coverage available for purchase.
  • Money saving tips: Think about buying your computer on Missouri’s sales tax holiday weekend, usually the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August. Or look for special promotions from Dell and Apple during the month of July (rebates and free merchandise).
  • Mac verses Windows – whatever your student is used to. Nothing is specified or required by any degree program.

Course Material

  • We realize that college is expensive and textbooks add to that expense so we have some tips to save money.
  • Reserve your books – We have a program called “Early Bird Textbook Reservation”.  You can sign up online at our web site We will pre-pack your student’s books and supplies and have them ready for pick up in the store during move-in weekend.  By taking advantage of Early Bird, students will be more likely to receive used books because we pull those first.  You will have the option to rent books or purchase digital books at check out.  There is no obligation to purchase.
  • AutoAccess Books. AutoAccess is a collaboration between the professor, the publisher and The S&T Store to provide required materials automatically when you enroll in the course at a reduced cost. 
  • Use our Textbook Shop & Compare web site When you search for textbooks at on web site you will see the price not only from us but also from other online vendors such as, and others. This will also insure you have the correct ISBN textbook number. (We cannot guarantee the accuracy of course materials from other online vendors.) You can have the textbooks shipped to you or select in store pick up.
  • At the end of each semester, we host “Book Sellback”.  During this time you can bring your textbooks by the store and we will buy them back if the department is reusing that book for the next semester. You can also return your rental books at this time.